professional course in

VFX (Visual Effects)

Designed to create ready professionals for the VFX industry.

Our objective, with professional course in VFX (Visual Effects), is to make you learn the technical, practical and artistic skills required to create visual effects for use in films, games and virtual reality.

What is the eligibility criteria for professional course in VFX (Visual Effects)?

Students who have cleared their 12th standard or Higher Secondary Certificate exams from CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, State Boards from science, commerce, art or any other stream are eligible to pursue professional course in VFX.

What is the course curriculum of professional course in VFX (Visual Effects)?

VFX (Visual Effects) course structure has 3 parts:


Emphasises on enhancement of fundamental knowledge of Rotoscopy, Paint & Compositing, 2D, 3D, Node Composition, Tracking & Keying.

Trains students gain core skills in

  • Roto Paint
  • Compositing

Internship & Demo Reel

Exposes students to hands-on interactive learning through VFX projects at a film animation studio.

Course curriculum:

Roto | Paint | 2D, 3D Compositing | Keying | Color Corrections | 3D for NUKE | Maya and NUKE Integration | Matte Paintings | Multi-Plate, Multi-Pass Compositing | Tracking - 2D & 3D | Camera Tracking, | Camera Projection | Stereoscopic Compositing | Project Planning | Specialization in Roto & Paint or Specialization in Compositing | Internship and Demoreel

The more you practice, the more you succeed.

With more than 900+ hours of training, the course is more intense than ever. From learning the basics of all VFX software(s) you can power through to becoming a pro thanks to constant interactive learning and interaction with production experts from India and abroad.





month course

900 +

hours of training


5 days a week

4 hours



Morning & evening batches available

Specialise in what you love.

Would you want to become a roto paint artist? Or are you better equipped with the skills to become a compositor? Watch the films to discover your passion and choose your specialisation

What are the software(s) taught in professional course in VFX (Visual Effects)?

The course strongly believes in inculcating skills on the most powerful software(s) used for VFX:

  • nuke vfx


  • silhouettefx vfx


  • Mocha

  • pixel farm pftrack

    PF Track

  • adobe after effects

    Adobe After Effects

What are certificates awarded for professional course in VFX (Visual Effects)?

Students successfully completing the course will be awarded MESC (Media & Entertainment Skill Council) Certificate under NSDC, Govt. of India along with a Certificate of Specialization from ESAC.

  • NSDC


  • Media & entertainment skill council

    Media & entertainment skill council

Are there any job placements or assistance?

From making a professional portfolio demo reel to arranging interview calls, ESAC provides 100% placement assistance to help students get placed at various film and animation studios.

What are the job opportunities available in VFX?

As a professional VFX artist, you can make a career as:

Roto paint artist


VFX director

Prep Artist